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What is ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT)

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Internet of Things is the hot topic in today’s marketplace. Still many people are not aware about this technology. Apart of blockchain and AI, this technology works hand in hand with other technology and has capability to change the way we live and work. But what is Internet of Things and what are its uses? Let’s understand the basics of it:

Have we ever thought a washing machine can be connected with internet or a coffee machine connected with internet. With the internet connectivity you can give instructions to these devices. Your microwave automatically cook food for your at the right time. The self- driving cars etc.

Internet of things works based on sensors and analytical tool. If I want to know that in my factory which component is least important from manufacturing perspective, I use sensors to detect the information. The information picked up by the sensor give me most smart information which help me to take right decision.

Another example of internet of things is – You wake up 7 am daily for going to office. Your alarm does the job of waking you up at 7 am, this is routine. But suppose at 7.45 you come to know that particular train cancelled and you have to go by road. However, on road there is huge traffic due to a road accidents in the last night. After all these events, if you want to reach office on time, you would have to wake up at 6 am. An internet of things based alarm clock reset itself based on these factors as it is connected with internet and other devices.

Internet of things will definitely change the way we live and it will be a game changer for managing our lives. Those things we are manual today, will be automatic tomorrow after the use of internet of things. In this next article, I will discuss more about this technology, its implementation with machine learning and its commercial uses.

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Ajitkumar Jain

Ajit Kumar Jain is a Chartered Accountant and enthusiast about future. He is committed to empower people about future technologies. His key interest lie in creativity and exploring challenges and opportunities in future technologies mainly- Blockchain, AI and IOT. In addition to this, his interest in analysing the future trend of consumer industry and viability of their products. Ajit is a seasoned public speaker and a presenter, who leaves a distinct mark with high energy and unrivaled enthusiasm.

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